The David and Goliath Printable Booklet Activity is a no-prep craft activity for children to enjoy during your Bible Class, Sunday School, Children’s Church or as a homeschool lesson.


The David and Goliath Printable Booklet really is an excellent Old Testament craft activity for your Sunday School or Bible Class.

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More Information about what is included with this product

These David and Goliath printable booklets comprise of four 2-page coloring sheets and a choice of covers (either a color cover or a gray-tone Coloring-In version for easy printing) with their corresponding inside covers.
Each of the 8 coloring pages tell the story of David defeating the Philistine Goliath, and when the children have finished coloring them in, they can fold the sheets in half to create a 12-page booklet for them to keep and read.
All you need to do is print out the sheets double-sided in the order they are presented within the PDF.
The David and Goliath printable booklet is a premium resource covering the story of David and Goliath and will make a quality addition to your bible studies.