The David and Goliath Character Poster Pack includes wall posters and coloring-in activities for your Sunday School or Bible Class.


So the David and Goliath Character Posters and Coloring-In Activity Sheets not only make the perfect no-prep activities for the pupils in your Bible Class, Sunday School or Children’s Church, but also provide you with colorful posters to adorn the walls of your classroom.

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More Information about what is included with this product

These David and Goliath Character Posters and Coloring sheets comprise of the following 5 David and Goliath characters:
  1. David the Shepherd Boy
  2. David the Musician
  3. David the Warrior
  4. Goliath of Gath
  5. King Saul
Please note that each Bible character has a full-colour poster and a coloring-in sheet.
These are premium quality, fun activities to supplement your lessons about David and Goliath and will make a wonderful addition to your Bible class.