David and Goliath Story for Kids

The David and Goliath Story for Kids page has been specifically created to help teachers and parents introduce their children to the story of David and Goliath.

The page begins with a simplified David and Goliath kids story especially written for children, which provides them with an easy-to-understand version of I Samuel 17. This is then followed by twenty questions that are often asked by children when studying the story of David and Goliath for kids, together with the answers.

Finally, we showcase 3 of our most popular worksheet activities based on the story of David and Goliath, together with a link to the other printable PDFs in the David and Goliath Story for Kids series for teacher and parents.

The David and Goliath bible story for kids is one of the most important bible stories for kids because it teaches us about courage and bravery, as well as arrogance. Above all, however, it teaches us about faith—faith in God and faith in ourselves.

David and Goliath Children’s Story

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd boy named David who lived in Israel and took care of his family’s sheep.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - David the Shepherd Boy

One day, his father Jesse told David to take some food to his brothers who were serving as soldiers in the army of Israel, in the fight against the Philistines.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - David and Jesse

When David arrived at the camp, he could hear one of the Philistine soldiers shouting insults at the Israelites. His name was Goliath and he was a giant of a man. He challenged the army of Israel to send a soldier to fight him one-on-one.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - Goliath of Gath

All the soldiers were terrified of Goliath, but young David was not afraid. The shepherd boy was in fact very brave and he wanted to help his people. He asked permission from King Saul if he could go onto the battlefield and fight the giant himself.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - David and King Saul

King Saul eventually allowed David to fight Goliath, but he worried for his safety. This is because David refused the armor and weapons that the king had offered him. Instead he preferred to fight Goliath with only a sling and five smooth stones.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - David the warrior

When Goliath saw David approach him without spear or shield, he laughed at the boy and threatened to feed him to the birds. David replied that he didn’t need such weapons, as he came to defeat the Philistine in the name of God.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - Goliath

Using his sling, David hurled a stone at Goliath’s forehead. The giant fell to the ground, dead. Once they saw that their champion have been killed, the Philistines became scared and fled, while the Israelites chased them across the battlefield.

David and Goliath Story for Kids - David defeats Goliath the Philistine

David soon became famous throughout Israel and was considered to be a hero. The shepherd boy was loved by all the Israelites, as he had saved them from the Philistines.

One day, they made him king.

David and Goliath Story for Kids

The story of David and Goliath is important because it shows us that we are all able to overcome the biggest challenges in life if we have faith in ourselves and God.

Questions about the David and Goliath Story

Below are twenty of the most common questions that children may have about this simple story of David and Goliath. This section can be used by teachers and parents of younger children as a good basis to discuss the David and Goliath message.

Alternatively, these questions and answers provide older children with many facts about David in the bible. They will then be able to test this knowledge via the David and Goliath Online Quiz or through the David and Goliath WebQuest. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the David and Goliath Jigsaw Puzzle.

David’s story takes place within several chapter in books 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. However, the story of David and Goliath takes place in 1 Samuel 17.

David was born c. 1040 BC.

David had seven brothers (although only six are mentioned by name in the bible) and at least two sisters.

We know that during the narrative of David’s anointment, his father Jesse had eight sons and that David was the youngest of them. We also know six of his brothers by name: Eliab, Abinadab, Shimea, Nethanel, Raddai and Ozem (and two of his sisters: Zeruiah and Abigail). It is not known for certain why David’s seventh brother is not chronicled in the bible, but it is often speculated that it is because he did not father any children and/or because he died young.

It is not known for certain how old David was when he was anointed by Samuel; however, it is mostly speculated that David was a boy aged between ten and fifteen years of age.

Goliath came from Gath.

Gath was a major Philistine city, located in northeastern Philistia, close to the border with Judah. It is speculated that modern day Tel Tzafit (an Israeli national park) is the most likely location of Gath.

David and Goliath fought in the valley of Elah.

The bible tells us that Goliath was six cubits and a span.

Well, the short answer to this is 9 feet and 9 inches. However, it is interesting to know how this has been worked out.

First, we need to define what a cubit and a span are. Cubits and spans (along with palms, inches and digits) are ancient measurements which are based on parts of the body. A cubit is the length from the bottom of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, whereas a span is the width of the open palm of a hand (N.B. a palm is the width of 4 fingers and not the thumb, an inch is the width of a thumb and a digit is the width of a finger).

The average length for a common cubit is said to be approximately 18 inches, while a span is said to measure 9 inches. Six cubits and a span therefore equals 9 feet and 9 inches.

No, Goliath was not a Nephilim, he was a man. An extremely tall man, but still a man, nonetheless. At 9 feet 9 inches, Goliath was only some ten inches taller than Robert Pershing Wadlow, who was the tallest man recorded in modern times, at 8 feet eleven inches.

There is no way of knowing exactly how much Goliath weighed, but if we assume he was nine feet nine inches tall, as is commonly speculated, and we assume as a warrior he has a strong muscular physique with a BMI of about 30, we can estimate that Goliath may have weighed as much as 600 pounds.

It is worth noting that Robert Wadlow’s heaviest recorded weight was 491 pounds.

The bible tells us that Goliath’s coat of mail weighed five thousand shekels of bronze. We also know that he wore a bronze helmet and had bronze shin armour on his legs.

Meanwhile, Goliath’s weapons comprised of a sword, a spear and a javelin.

5000 shekels weighs approximately 125 pounds.

A shekel was a unit of weight at the time of David and Goliath. One shekel weighed approximately 0.4 ounces, therefore 5000 shekels would have weighed approximately 2000 ounces (or 125 pounds).

David killed Goliath by hitting him with a smooth stone which sank into his forehead.

David used a slingshot to kill Goliath.

This is always a bone of contention, as in two consecutive sentences the bible appears to contradict itself, by stating that David killed Goliath with a stone that sunk into Goliath’s forehead, but then killed Goliath by cutting off his head with Goliath’s own sword.

However, a logical explanation which could explain this perceived contradiction is that Goliath had been dealt a fatal blow by the stone, but had not yet expired. And by cutting off Goliath’s head, David may in fact have ended Goliath’s suffering by making it a quick death.

The bible does not specifically say how tall David was, but we can speculate that he was probably above average height, as he was strong enough as a youth to take on a lion and a bear when looking after his father’s flock of sheep.

While we do not have a specific height for King Saul, the bible does tell us that he was taller than any of his people, so it is likely that he was over 6 feet in height.

The bible does not specifically tell us David’s height when he fought Goliath, but we can surmise from the text that he was most likely above average height even as a youth. King Saul, who the bible tells us was the tallest man in Israel offered David his armour to fight Goliath in. And although David refuses the armor, it is because he is not used to it and feels that it restricts him, not because it is too big for him.

The bible tells us that David was 30 years old when he became king. It also says that King David reigned for 40 years, which suggests that he died aged 70.

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