Adam and Eve Story for Kids

The Adam and Eve Story for Kids page has been created in order to help teachers and parents introduce their children to the story of Adam and Eve. It summarizes the key events in the Adam and Eve story in the Bible which takes place in the Book of Genesis.

The page starts with a story of Adam and Eve for kids which has been especially written with children in mind, providing them with an easy-to-understand Adam and Eve story. This is then followed by twelve questions which are often asked by children when studying the story of Adam and Eve, together with the answers.

Finally, we showcase 3 of our most popular Adam and Eve printables, together with a link to the other Garden of Eden activities in this series for teachers and parents.

The story of Adam and Eve is one of the most important bible stories for kids because it teaches us about the importance of making good choices and obeying the rules that are given to us. It also reminds us that even when we make mistakes, God’s love is always there to guide us and give us hope.

The Adam and Eve Story for Kids

Once upon a time, in a wonderful place called the Garden of Eden, lived Adam and Eve.

They were the first humans that God had created, and had everything they needed in a paradise filled with beautiful flowers, tall trees, and friendly animals.

Adam and Eve Story for Kids - Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

God, who had created everything, had given Adam and Eve one important rule. They were allowed to eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden, except for the Tree of Knowledge.

This was a special test for Adam and Eve to see if they would obey God’s rule.

One day, a sly serpent slithered over and started talking to Eve. It told her that if she ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, she would become wise, just like God. Eve was tempted by what the serpent had said and she decided to take a bite from the fruit.

Adam and Eve Story for Kids - Eve is tempted by the serpent.

Eve then offered some of the fruit to Adam. He trusted Eve and also took a bite.

Suddenly, Adam and Eve felt very different. They realized that they were both naked and felt ashamed. God saw that they were hiding and asked why they were afraid.

Adam and Eve admitted that they had eaten the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. God explained that their decision to disobey him had consequences that they would now have to face.

They would have to leave the Garden of Eden and live in an imperfect world.

Before Adam and Eve left paradise, God placed a special angel with a flaming sword at the entrance to the Garden of Eden. This angel was left to guard the Tree of Life, which had the power to grant eternal life.

It was a reminder that even though Adam and Eve could never return to the Garden of Eden, God’s love and protection would always be with them.

The story of Adam and Eve teaches us that breaking the rules has consequences.

However, it also reminds us that even when we make mistakes, we know that God’s love will always be there to help and guide us.

Questions about the story of Adam and Eve

Below are twelve of the most common Adam and Eve questions that children may have about this simple story of Adam and Eve for kids. This section can be used by teachers and parents of younger children as a basis to discuss the Adam and Eve story further.

Alternatively, these questions and answers provide older children with some more facts about Adam and Eve in the Bible. They will then be able to test this knowledge via the Adam and Eve Online Quiz or through the Adam and Eve WebQuest. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Adam and Eve Jigsaw Puzzle.

The story of Adam and Eve is in the Book of Genesis.

The Bible tells us that God created man in his own image (both male and female) on the sixth day.

The Bible tells us that Eve was created by God, by taking her from the rib of Adam. God named her woman, because she was taken out of man.

No. There is no evidence anywhere in the Bible that God created any other human beings other than Adam and Eve.

The Bible only mentions three of Adam and Eve’s children by name. They were Cain, Abel and Seth.

Yes, the Bible tells us that after the birth of their third son, Seth, Adam and Eve also had daughters.

The exact number of children that Adam and Eve had is not stated in the Bible. However, we do know that Adam had Seth when he was 130 years old, and that he then went on to live another 800 years, during which time he became the father of other sons and daughters.

The Bible tells us that the river which watered the Garden of Eden separated into the Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon, and Gihon rivers. Two of these rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, still exist today.

In the West, the fruit is usually depicted as an apple, but there is nothing in the Bible that specifically indicates that the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was necessarily an apple.

When they defied his command, God punished Adam and Eve by banishing them from the Garden of Eden forever.

The Bible tells us that Adam lived until he was 930 years old, but it does not specify how old Eve was when she died.

The story of Adam and Eve has multiple messages.

Firstly, it shows us that rules are there to protect us and keep us safe.

Secondly, it teaches us about responsibility.

And finally, the story teaches us about forgiveness and second chances.

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